'Voight-Kampff of Today'

 A project that explores ‘Deepfakes’ (algorithmically generated images and videos), and how in the future these have been perfected to realistic proportions. Pitched in a speculative future where public trust in information in information has degraded, and these ‘Deepfakes’ have spread globally. How does one stem the further circulation of fake media?


Inspired by the ‘Voight Kampff Machine’ in Blade Runner, a machine which is used to determine whether the synthetic beings “replicants” are human or not. What would a near future ‘Voight Kampff’ machine of today be, and how would it be used?


Based on previous research into UI and its applications within film, focusing primarily on the Science Fiction genre. From this I wanted to create my own science fiction interface, based on my findings and knowledge into speculative design.


Please check my Medium Blog Post for further insight into the research and development of the project.