Wikipedia Redesign

A smaller project that looks at ‘Redesigning Wikipedia’ – focusing heavily on research. Further, the aim of this project wasn’t to be simply another aesthetic redesign, rather a more technical design changing a piece or section of Wikipedia as, later, we would find out why it looks as simplistic as it does. Simply, being “to get a free encyclopaedia to every single person on the planet”. Therefore, it’s purposely designed with accessibilities and constraints in mind that is within the digital divide.


 From researching how changes and edits are made, I wanted to explore and uncover the discussions that go behind each page. Further, allowing those wanting to review or fact check a better way to view these changes.


The outcome was a “Review-tab” I created and coded as an example of what this concept could be. This would entail seeing updates to sections of a page, seeing what was edited, its prior and current state, and who edited it and when.